Summarize the findings by creating an annotated bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography

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In this assignment, you will identify a research question (a psychological topic that you are interested in) and then find five current (within five-ten years) peer-reviewed research articles from the library to answer the question. Next, summarize the findings by creating an annotated bibliography. Each annotation should be approximately one to two paragraphs long.


1) Identify your research question. Flip through the textbook for ideas on a topic that you would like to research. You can research any topic related to psychology.

2) Click on the Library tab in the drop-down menu to the left of your screen. Click on Research Page. Next, click open “Library Peer-Reviewed Articles” Scroll down the page to PSYC ARTICLES, and use this database to conduct your research. Feel free to read any of the resources to help you.

3) When reviewing research, make sure you click on “full-text” and that your article is within 5-10 years old. Read each article’s abstract first to see if the article is right for your question (don’t waste time reading the whole article, unless you select it after reading the abstract).

4). Summarize the main points for each section of the article: Introduction, Methods, Research, Results, and Discussion. Your summary of each research article should be between one-two paragraph. Don’t summarize the abstract.

5) At the end of each annotation, include analytical feedback. You can find where the authors state analytical feedback from their research in the discussion section of the article (the very last section). Paraphrase by writing the feedback in your own words.

6) At the beginning of each annotation, write the citation in APA style. Click on the link inside the article to copy and paste the citation in your paper.

7) Lastly- At the end of your five annotations, write one-two paragraph summarizing overall what you learned from the research. Write it in your own words, but keep it academic.

Video Tutorial (note: ignore the due date in the tutorial)

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Summarize the findings by creating an annotated bibliography.


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