PRO 2nd Amendment

PRO 2nd Amendment

Your preparation: Read the entire article on the pros and cons of the 2nd Amendment. You and your team must argue your “side” or position you’ve been assigned and do a little outside research. Then you must try to debunk – or refute – the points the opposing team has for their “side” of the argument. A winning debate is therefore a two-step process in which you provide evidence to support you and your team’s position and you must create doubt or dispute what the opposing team argues. This means you need to prepare a contribution in support of your “side,” and you must read the opposing side and find a way to refute or debunk their argument.

Here’s how the timeline for this debate:

1. By now, you’ve read the entire debate article on the 2nd Amendment.

2. By Wednesday – you’ve done some outside research to support your team and crafted a contribution to post on the discussion board. Enter a small paragraph to argue in favor of your team’s side on the Discussion Board. Be sure to include your reference.

3. By Thursday/Friday, read your opposing team’s posts. It’s now time to add your second postto the discussion board in the form of a rebuttal to at least one of the arguments you’ve read from the opposing team. Having evidence to back up your point of view is critical, so please do some outside research and provide the reference.

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