Principles of Management Final Project

Principles of Management Final Project

You are to conduct a personal interview with at least two (2) individuals who have been
in a supervisory or managerial position for a minimum of three (3) years. For the
purposes of this assignment, we will define “supervisory or managerial position” as

  1. Must direct the daily activities of at least three (3) subordinate employees.
  2. Must have decision-making authority to direct the daily activities of the unit.
  3. Must have direct input into the employment process, employee compensation,
    and progressive discipline within the unit.
  4. Must not be a relative of the student by blood, marriage or adoption.
    You are to cover the following points, as a minimum, in your interviews: All work must
    be and produced by word processor and formatted into MLA style. NO late work will be
    Paper should begin with an introductory paragraph introducing the interviewee and
    include years of experience, industry, education level, and any of pertinent information
    you gather. At the end of each interview, you will provide a conclusion paragraph with
    your observations of what you have learned from this assignment and how this
    information can help you in your career.
    You may complete 1 interview and move directly to the next or you may list the question
    and under each have (see example below)
  5. How long has he/she been in management?
    Manager 1- their response
    Manager 2- their response

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