Explain why the author wrote the article?

Parental Incarceration and Child Trauma Symptoms in Single Caregiver Homes

Article Review

1. Write a brief summary of this article. (Not less than three paragraphs to capture its essence)
A cogent summary should give readers a clear overview of the article. Your summary should include a 1) Introduction (background information regarding the history and scope of the problem discussed in the article), 2) Discussion (what are the specific issues addressed in the article such as hypotheses or research questions, study population including age range, gender, what are the goals of the article, how were participants identified), and 3) Conclusion (results of the study, what did the authors discover, were their hypothesis confirmed or refuted, what implications or suggestions do the results provide)
If the summary is properly completed, it will logically flow and assist in guiding questions 2-5. You still need to address those questions in detail.

2. What is the main issue/idea addressed or explored in the article?

a) What did the author have to say about this issue/idea? Discuss why this is considered an issue while providing insight into the problem at hand.

3. What is the purpose or intent of the article?

a) Explain why the author wrote the article? The author(s) will explain why he or she wrote the article and what they hope to discover or anticipate finding (such as research questions/study aims).

4. Identify and describe the client population (study sample) on which the article focuses. (When identifying the population consider demographics such as age, race/ethnicity, gender, grade levels, etc.). Specifically list how many people participated in the study and a breakdown of their demographics.

a) What specific problems existed that required attention?

1. Include information related to the questions posed in the research study

5. Were there any solutions to the problem discussed in the article offered? If so, what were they?

a) If there were not any solutions offered, what implications were suggested by the author?
b) Include information related to the results of the study. Was the hypothesis/study aims true or consistent with the author’s beliefs?
c) Also includes information related to the practice implication of the study.

6. List and discuss at least three professional roles that can be utilized by the service provider (examples include enabler, case manager, counselor) in addressing this topic of concern.
Provide a clear connection to the role and the article. Also, provide insight into how the activities/responsibilities related to the role can be utilized in providing assistance to the population at hand.
7. Why should you as a student in your profession have knowledge of this topic? Give substance to your response. Avoid the following, “I need to know about the subject area because I may have a client with this issue.” While this may be true, consider how this information can assist you with future clients and their needs.

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Explain why the author wrote the article


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