Why are you interested in this topic?

Narrow down your topic choice

For this week, I would like you to explore some local (Links to an external site.)/state (Links to an external site.) arts policies of your interest as we did for federal arts policies last week. What grant programs or other policies (e.g. copyright, option taxes…etc) are of your interest?

You may look into Ohio, your home state/city, or an international state/city for these state and local arts policies.

• Share your findings with your group.
• Now that you have explored all federal-, state-, and local-level policies, discuss with your group what specific policy you are currently most interested in analyzing for your mid-term project.
o Why are you interested in this topic?
o Why do you think this topic is worth your analysis?
o How is this policy relevant to you as an arts advocate, art student, and an arts manager/leader?

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Why are you interested in this topic


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