Explain the merits of a theory-based treatment plan.

Treatment plan

You must write and develop your treatment plan before you complete your role-play. You will be using your treatment plan in your role-play so it is essential that you write it up before interviewing your role-play client. You will be submitting your treatment plan in module 6.

In this assignment, you will be using both the Nichols and Gehart& Tuttle textbooks and 2 additional scholarly references. Be sure to do the following:

Using both textbooks—Nichols and Gehart & Tuttle—as resources, develop an initial treatment plan using one of the family therapy models discussed over the term. Be sure to use citations throughout to support the material you are using. Attached are examples of preliminary descriptions of clients that you will fully develop into a role-play script and you will use this in your treatment plan and for your role play video.

After fully developing your role play script, use the Gehart & Tuttle text to develop your treatment plan. In this text, there are specific guidelines for early phase goals, middle phase goals, and late phase goals.

For your treatment plan, you are to develop: the early phase goals middle phase goals, and late phase goals. Use the example in the text to assist you in developing your own goals for the script you have developed.

In your discussion of the model you chose—because it will be a theory-based plan—provide an explanation of the difference between a symptom-based treatment plan and a theory-based treatment plan. This must be at least 2 complete paragraphs.

Explain the merits of a theory-based treatment plan. This is clearly discussed in the Gehart & Tuttle textbook. Use this textbook to fully support what you compose in your paper.

Provide references from the textbooks to support the format of the treatment plan you develop and discuss how the therapy model concepts are incorporated into the treatment plan.

Provide a detailed overview of your reasons for choosing the particular family therapy model you chose over all the other models. Discuss why the approach used to work with the family in this therapy model makes the most sense to you. This must be at least 2 complete paragraphs.

Include 2 additional primary/secondary references accessed from LINCCWEB to support the efficacy of the therapy model you have chosen.

In your treatment plan, you must provide a list of questions that you have prepared to use in your role-play.

These questions are developed using the specific therapy model you have chosen and the treatment plan you have developed.

This will be your first session, so you will be asking questions related to a first session but you are using your therapy model. The model uses specific kinds of questions. (The Nichols book, chapter 2 has some excellent ideas on this).

You need a minimum of 15 questions.

The questions must be grounded in the therapy model you have chosen, meaning they must be formulated/developed using the model you have chosen.

You can always have more than 15 questions.

When you are sitting with your “client” you will have the questions in front of you to guide you through the process.

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Explain the merits of a theory-based treatment plan.


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