State the purpose of your topic choice (what are you trying to accomplish?

Reduction of tissue dose with proton radiation therapy for breast cancer

Articles must be recent (last 5-7 years unless the article is considered seminal work in the topic of your discussion (think Pavlov-1904 Nobel prize for physiology or medicine and behavioral training – early studies on conditional training with dogs established a seminal behavioral theory)

Do not simply write a summary of each article – (Read the supplemental materials and course readings for a better understanding of writing criteria (Ask questions if needed)

o State the purpose of your topic choice (what are you trying to accomplish? what is the importance of this topic?)
o Organize your articles in similar themes and summarize the main points
o Synthesize the information
o Identify key points and comment on your analysis of the validity, reliability, and statistical significance of the reviewed literature
o Identify why the articles you have chosen are important to the topic
o Draw conclusions (inferences) about your research
Did the research confirm or deny your previous expectation of findings?
▪ Would you change, modify, or implement a procedure or practice standard based on your research?
▪ What recommendations do you have for the imaging community?

It is important that any conclusions, inferences, or recommendations are based on data and information from your report. Make sure any assertions made regarding your topic are referenced and cited (no personal opinions unless you are commenting on personal observation and it is clear in your paper)

Review the APA guidelines regarding the use of personal pronouns (I, you, me —– use sparingly or avoid). Also, avoid ambiguous superlative words like great, best, worst, etc. that are not quantitated

The writing style is important. As noted, your paper should not read like a list. Use variations in sentence and paragraph length, headings, and sub-headings to organize and guide the reader, and use transition sentences between paragraphs for a smooth transition between topics. Vary your word use (thesaurus comes in handy!)

Main Components: (see APA guidelines – use the same font as rest of the paper)

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State the purpose of your topic choice (what are you trying to accomplish


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