Osteopetrosis and Acute Leukemia

Osteopetrosis and Acute Leukemia

What is it you’re researching? Give a description and overview of each choice. What
specific genes AND cells are affected?

  1. How common is this disease or disorder? Is there stem cell therapy available for this
    disease/disorder? If so, explain the current use of the stem cell therapy?
  2. What type of treatment is available AND what is the outcome/life expectancy for the
    patient under normal circumstances if treatment is sought?
  3. Is this disease/disorder/dysfunction concentrated in certain parts of the world? OR Does
    this disease/disorder/dysfunction mainly affect a certain ethnicity?
  4. State and explain the medical findings on why researchers have concluded this
    disease/disorder/dysfunction is concentrated in a certain part of the world or affects a
    certain ethnicity.
  5. What type of research is currently underway to reduce or eliminate this
    disease/disorder/dysfunction? Please Note This is different from indicating if stem
    cell therapy is or is not available. Provide a discussion and cite your source regarding
    current research.

You will write an informational essay based on the previous six questions.
You are not restricted to just those six questions if additional information is
needed to provide further explanation.
Your essay should be a minimum of 700 words per essay (per disease). Cite your
sources using the correct format and use only highly trusted resources from the Internet
and your local library. You are not limited in the number of sources you use but are
required to use at least three different sources. Use APA style.

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APA Format, 1914 words