Write a well-structured argumentative essay under time constraints.


● Demonstrate an understanding of the source text.
● Write a well-structured argumentative essay under time constraints.

THE BOOK IS Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

● Respond to the prompt in a well-structured essay.
● There is no set length requirement; however, a well-developed essay usually requires at least three pages to support its point.
● NO Works Cited page needed.
● YES, you need proper quote introductions and parenthetical citations.
● Compose your response, then cut and paste it into the text box. ● Do not worry about a heading, exact line spacing, or precise indentation.

● Do your best with the formatting. Be as clear as possible. Prompt:

Write a well-structured persuasive essay in which you identify a major problem presented in Fast Food Nation and then discuss at least three examples of this problem from the book and/or the real world, including thoughts regarding how to address and/or fix the problem.


● A sophisticated essay will tackle a sophisticated problem. ● Body paragraphs should include a discussion of what causes the problem as well as how to fix it.
What actions by individual Americans, organizations, communities, Congress, and/or government agencies
such as OSHA and the USDA, would help facilitate a positive change?
● Show me that you carefully read the book and engaged in the discussions by presenting a thoughtful, analytical response to the prompt.
● Before writing, take time to outline your thoughts. ● When done, proofread carefully.
● Take a deep breath… Relax… Do great!
THE PROBLEM IS: Fast Food Diseases

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Write a well-structured argumentative essay under time constraints.


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