Organizational Assessment and Social Problem Analysis Paper

Organizational Assessment and Social Problem Analysis Paper

The agency I am using is The parent’s information & resource center inc, and this is the

 agency I am doing my internship. Their website is 

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The purpose of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate knowledge of a social 

service organization, the social worker’s role in the social services delivery system, and how

 these organizations respond to social problems.  It is designed to help the student 

understand how the social service delivery system best serves the needs of at-risk, 

marginalized communities. Special attention is given to the organization’s work with at-risk,

 marginalized clients, which provides an opportunity to implement a trauma-informed, 

strengths-based framework to a service delivery organization.

In addition, problem analysis provides an opportunity for the student to apply acquired 

knowledge related to poverty, trauma and oppression experienced by marginalized groups

 and communities. It allows for the acquisition of the knowledge, values and skills identified in social work community practice through social service organizations

The organizational assessment and social problem analysis paper includes the following areas:

  1. Provide a description of the type of agency/organization and its vision, mission, values, and goals.
  2. Describe and discuss the ways in which the organization’s vision, mission, values, and goals align with the social work profession’s values.
  3. Discuss the agency’s organizational structure (include an organizational chart) and the types of services and resources it provides to the community.
  4. Discuss who are the agency’s primary clientele or constituency.
  5. Identify the specific social problem as it impacts the particular community served by the social service organization and the conditions of the time that brought it to the attention of the organization.
  6. Utilize critical thinking skills to explain what were the social, economic, and political forces (including local/state/federal policies) in play that drew attention or influenced the social problem?
  7. Discuss social and economic justice issues, existing historical trauma, changing demographics, and other elements relevant to the specific community and the social problem

Based on the knowledge you have gained about the organization, the social problem(s) it addresses, and the service delivery system complete the following:

  1. Discuss what you believe are the strengths of the organization and areas for growth and improvement?
  2. Using a trauma-informed lens, what recommendations would you offer to improve the overall service delivery system of the organization?

Students are required to utilize the APA format for all written materials and assignments. The assignment must meet a minimum of five (5) narrative pages, not including the title, abstract or references pages.  The student must also include a minimum of five (5) scholarly references from professional literature sources must be used to support this assignment.

Students may use the following resources to complete this assignment.

Piven, F. F. (2014). How we once came to fight a war on poverty. New Labor Forum 23(3), 20-25. DOI: 10.1177/1095796014544692

Hinton, E. (2015). “A War within Our Own Boundaries”: Lyndon Johnson’s great society and the rise of the carceral state. Journal of American History, 102(1), 100-112. doi:10.1093/jahist/jav328

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