Your analysis of the values for your waist circumference, your fitness data from MY DIET ANALYSIS and your BMI.  (Information on how to calculate your BMI can be found on page 392 of your text book.)

Your own description of the FITT PRINCIPLE. (See Chapter 12 in your text book.)

Your personal fitness plan to increase your fitness level.

Please refer to facts from at least one documented reference from a NON-C0MMERICAL website.  THIS MAY NOT BE YOUR TEXT BOOK, or the publisher’s ancillary materials.  Students must include the web address of their reference.

Note:  If you already have an exercise regimen, you must complete #1, #2 and #4, and you can discuss your current fitness plan for #3.

Papers should be 2 TYPED PAGES long (~600s words, 12 point font, one inch margins).

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APA Format, 340 words