nursing paper

nursing paper

Instructions: Watch the six (6) ‘Defining Hope’ videos. Reflect on what you learned by creating a written reflection paper. Discuss how your new knowledge and/or skills can be applied to your practice. Be sure that your reflection incorporates and answers the following: 

  • Fully discuss the learning concepts explored in the six (6) ‘Defining Hope’ videos; what are your five (5) take-aways? 
  • Explain how your 5 take-aways can be applied to practice. 
  • In the last video you were introduced to Jose, a heart transplant recipient 
  • Explain how palliative care could be helpful to Jose’s family in the situation you learned about.  
  • Considering developmental level, what communication techniques could you use when Jose says, “sometimes I cry…”? What might you say? 

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