Narrative essay

narrative essay

Your narrative should be between 800-1,000 words and be divided into three basic parts:

Introduction:  Needs to include general background information (the setting) and a hint of the theme (Your purpose behind telling the story).Body: Needs to have a clear sequence of events. Paragraphs should be divided at major shifts in the story. (In other words, do not limit yourself to only three paragraphs in the body. Also, your paragraphs may vary in length.)Conclusion: Needs to clearly state the theme, or the overall message of the story. (Ex: Did you learn from this experience that you had more strength than you thought possible?  Did you learn not to take yourself so seriously?  Did you discover how to trust other people?) Remember that this does not have to be more than two or three sentences.

Of course, you will want to review my and your peer’s comments on your narrative outline discussion before beginning your essays. (Remember that since you will not use any outside sources for this essay, you will have no need for a works cited or references page.) MAke sure to review the rubric below to see that you are checking all the boxes; I want all your hard work to pay off, and make sure you get the grade you deserve.  Looking at rubrics are a great way to ensure that you are focused and on topic.

My professors comments about my essay are that my introduction has no theme so I need a theme made and he says my narrative doesn’t make a statement , like no lesson is learned from my story so I need help with fixing that as well.
The essay needs to be over 820 words.

I’ve attached my essay please download it and rewrite it to make sense as a narrative piece. Thank you

Also If you could include what the theme and statement are, I will add a tip, thank you. 

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