Midterm report Journal article review

midterm report journal article review

In this assignment, you will use an article database (such as EBSCO, JSTOR, etc.) to select an article (published in 2010 or later) from a peer-reviewed sociological journal (such as the American Sociological Review). You will then respond to a series of questions to extract information from the article you choose. 

The maximum length for this assignment is 3 pages, double spaced. You should have no problem filling three pages if you adequately complete each part of the assignment. At the same time, you should write your responses clearly and concisely, which is why there is a maximum page limit instead of a minimum. You will need to submit your responses to the questions through this page, as well as a PDF copy of your article on a separate page in this module.

Prompt Questions:

Address each of the following questions specifically and in order. You will need to be familiar with the textbook chapters we have covered to complete this assignment successfully:

  1. In your own words, describe the primary questions(s) presented in the article.
  2. Describe the primary theory or theories discussed in the literature review. How are
    the authors of this article expanding upon this theory or theories?
  3. Does this article have a hypothesis (or multiple hypotheses)? If so, what it is? If not,
    what do you think it would be?
  4. What research method do the authors use to address their research question?
  5. What is/are the independent variable(s)? Why does this make sense?
  6. What is/are the dependent variable(s)? Why does this make sense?
  7. In your own words, what are the primary findings made by the authors?
  8. What are three of the most challenging aspects of reading this article? Why

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