Discuss what the long-term ripple effects/consequences of this issue might be for society.


COM 2740 SIP #2 – Issues Research Fall 2021

Over the first half of the semester, you’ve been made aware of a number of the issues surrounding the current state of affairs within the media industry. Over that time, you’ve learned how the media tends to operate, and about the importance of developing and maintaining a level of individual media literacy. With that in mind – your second Scholarship in Practice paper of the semester will now serve as a chance for reflection and further exploration into any current media issue of your choosing.

Some examples you may wish to examine could include, but are also not limited to, the following:

Gender Issues; Racial Issues, Representation, and Stereotyping; Violence in Movies and Video Games; Advertisements and Their Effects on Consumers; A Normalization and/or Popularization of Risky/Dangerous Behaviors – (Drugs, Alcohol, Sex); Bias and Agenda-Setting in Media/News Coverage; Larger-Scale Corporate Interests in Media Companies; etc.
In terms of formatting and general expectations, these papers should be no fewer than 6 full pages in length, and ideally, will be no longer than 8 pages in length. They should be written in 12-point, Times New Roman font. They should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins as well. I expect to see a cover page, with your name, your paper title, the course code (COM 2740), my name (Shawn/Professor Davison), and the date you submitted it. The cover page will not count toward the official page count. Additionally, each main section of the paper (intro, discussion, and the conclusion) should have a clearly defined subtitle, capitalized properly, in bold.
Moving on to the content of the actual paper, there should first be a clear Introductory Section. It should be no fewer than three (3), and no more than four (4) paragraphs long.

My goal in this area is for you all to thoughtfully discuss the following:

• A background of your existing relationship with the media, what forms of media you use (or maybe abuse) and how often you use them, how you assume you will utilize/depend on media in the future, and your pre-existing opinions of the media in general, before class.
• How have the above opinions/positions changed, or not, this semester; WHY? What was it that’s solidified your POV, fundamentally changed it, altered it slightly, or anything else? Was there anything from this semester that you have found particularly impactful or memorable?

COM 2740 SIP #2 – Issues Research Fall 2021

This perspective should help to transition into the main section of the paper, where you will explore a media issue of your choosing. It could be one of the issues listed above or one of your own choosing. It should take up the vast majority of this paper – and while the exact number of paragraphs is up to you, there should at least be five (5) of them, and you will also need to utilize outside research. For this, I want to see a minimum of six (6) sources, and three (3) of those should be academic (utilize lib.fsu.edu to get started). With this bit of research serving as your guide and as your backup – you should aim to address each/all of the themes below, over the course of the body of the paper:
• What is the particular issue you’ve identified to discuss?
• Tell me why you’re drawn to it, and why this issue is important to you and/or society. • Tell me what evidence or indicators there are of this particular issue. What’s going on? • What impact has this particular issue had on us, and how is it affecting people currently? • Discuss what the long-term ripple effects/consequences of this issue might be for society.
I want the above section to reflect your voice and opinions, with the aid of research you’ve performed; therefore, it should be a hybrid of sorts – between an opinion paper and a research paper. As a result, the use of words like “I” and “Me” will be perfectly acceptable… Beyond this, there should also be a brief, 2-3 Paragraph Conclusion Section. In this section, you should succinctly wrap up your paper by exploring…
• What do you think ought to/could be done to try to reign in this issue and limit its effects. • What potential impact(s) your proposed changes or responses could have on your issue. • The impact that a society could have if it takes greater responsibility for media literacy.
Outside of the requirement that three (3) of your sources be academic/scholarly, the parameters for the remainder of your research are relatively open-ended. Obviously, whatever “popular” sources you choose should be credible. No hit pieces, no fly-by-night blogs, and no random magazine articles. I’d prefer you to avoid using Wikipedia as a source. You could, however, use it as a way to find sources (the footnotes on Wikipedia could be linked to helpful articles, etc). Lastly, please also keep in mind that there should be a Works Cited page and in-text citations. The Works Cited will not count toward your official page count. Please use the proper APA citation format for all your citations, and please see the rubric on Page 3.
COM 2740 SIP #2 – Issues Research Fall 2021

COM 2740 Paper #2 Rubric

• Well Thought-Out Open to Paper. • Honest and Clear Self-Assessment. • Section Met the Length Requirement.
______ // 10 Points
Body // Core
• Contextual and Background Info Effectively Applied to Selected Issue via Research and Personal Opinions.
• Examples/Evidence/Sources Utilized in Coherent and Purposeful Manner.
______ // 25 Points
• Met minimum guidelines for Total Sources (6); Academic Sources (3).
• Legitimately Utilized their Sources.
• All of the Non-Academic Sources were from Credible Outlets/Orgs.
______ // 15 Points
• Brought Paper to a Logical Close
• Fully Discussed All Points Over the Established Paragraph Guidelines.
______ // 10 Points
Style / Thoughtfulness
• Good Balance of Facts and Opinion
• Critical Thought Clearly Applied to all of the Requested Themes and Topics
______ // 10 Points
• Introduction, Body, and the Conclusion all Flowed Logically.
• Proper Distribution of the Content, w/ Most Content Allocated to the Body.
______ // 10 Points
• Words Were Properly Spelled; Used • Effective and Accurate Punctuation • Correct Capitalizations and Tenses
______ // 10 Points
Proper Paper Formatting and an Adherence to All Established Instructions
• Cover Page and Works Cited Page • Proper Font, Font Size, and Margins • Adhered to APA & Page Guidelines
______ // 10 Points

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Discuss what the long-term ripple effects/consequences of this issue might be for society.


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