How would a teacher plan out and execute their lesson?

Reflective Writing

Below are the paper instructions. I would like the reflective essay written as if an observation occurred in a Culinary/Nutrition course. How would a teacher plan out and execute their lesson?

Field Observation Reflection Paper Instructions

The Field Observation assignment is intended to give you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a middle/secondary classroom through participant observation. You will arrange approximately 12 hours of observation time (2 instructional days or equivalent) with a classroom teacher. This observation will generally target teaching methods and related aspects of the teaching strategies that the teacher employs during your observation time. Below are several guiding prompts to focus your observation and the reflective paper. It is highly suggested that you take notes and categorize these notes based on the various aspects of teaching methods and strategies.


How does the teacher start the class? Do they greet students? If so, how? How are the rules and procedures for the class in general, and the day’s lesson communicated to students? Is there a warmup activity, a hook, or a start of a class routine that is used? How does the teacher transition from the start of class to the first lesson activities?


Describe the pacing of the lesson. Approximately how long are each of the activities? How does the teacher transition to new activities? Are the activities clearly connected in terms of purpose and progression for you? For students? What formal activities and strategies does the teacher use? (lecture, notes, worksheet, game, discussion, group work, stations, jigsaw, lab, project, technology, etc.) What informal strategies does the teacher use? (probing questions, moving around the room, proximity to disruptive students, reminding of rules and procedures, gestures to reduce noise, etc.)


Describe how the teacher summarizes the learning and moves toward lesson closure. Describe specific wrap-up activities or connections to homework? Describe informal/formative assessment strategies that the teacher uses to assess student learning. Describe any end-of-class routines or procedures that the teacher employs to improve the efficiency of class wrap-up.

Student differences:

Describe ways that the teacher adjusted, adapted, and accounted for students with differing skill levels, backgrounds, and interests. Include any aspects of the lessons that involve student choice, differentiation of content, product, and/or process. Include aspects related to student grouping and classroom arrangement.


Describe any evidence you observe of the teacher building positive student-teacher relationships.

Classroom management:

Describe any disruptive behavior and how the teacher dealt with this. Focus on the connection to teaching and learning with classroom management. How did the teacher use classroom management strategies to maximize learning?

Your practice:

In addition to observing what the teacher did in their lesson(s), it is important for you to consider which elements from the lessons you observed that you might employ in your own teaching practice, which elements you could make improvements on, and which elements you would avoid. Offer specific details about the strategies, approaches and elements that you could easily employ as-is, in your own classroom. Offer specific details about strategies, approaches and elements that held some promising aspects, but based on stated reasons, you would adapt and adjust to your own classroom. Offer specific details about strategies, approaches and elements that, based on stated reasons, you would not employ in your own classroom.

Reflection Paper-

Using APA format, which includes a properly formatted title page, references page, header, and section headings, develop a synthesis paper on what you learned in your field observations. Arrange your reflective paper into sections with headings. Papers should include an introduction that outlines the purpose of the paper and the major topic to come, body paragraphs organized topically/thematically with clear details, and a conclusion that summarizes the big takeaways from the paper.

The purpose of the paper is to discuss what you learned in your field observation and apply what you learned to your own professional teaching practice. Although you need to support your ideas with plenty of detail from the observations, the purpose is not only a summarization of what another teacher did in their classroom. Instead, you should clearly communicate not only your eye for detail while observing a practicing teacher, but also your ability to evaluate these observed practices for their applicability to your own practice. In other words, discuss what aspects you would use, would adapt, and would not use in your classroom. Illustrate clearly in this paper your ability to go from passive classroom observer to educator who uses these experiences to refine your own ideas for best practices in teaching.

Example Field Observation Reflection Social Studies (2)

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How would a teacher plan out and execute their lesson


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