Lesson 8 Discussion

American History

Read “Bill Clinton on Free Trade and Financial Deregulation (1993-2000)” and using a minimum of 200 words (not including quotations) respond to the following questions. Make sure to reference specific passages from the document and/or textbook to support your discussion:

According to Clinton, what will be the benefits of NAFTA and the projected dismantling of “trade barriers?”
What contradictions are apparent in his argument for embracing the global economy?
What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act designed to do?
Who advocated deregulating the derivatives market, and what do these entities represent?
In the longer run, did NAFTA along with the deregulation of financial markets produce the benefits that Clinton envisioned? Why or why not?
reading material
Bill Clinton on Free Trade and Financial Deregulation (1993-2000) | The American Yawp Reader

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