Learning Organization- Course Reflection

Learning Organization- Course Reflection

Connect our course learnings to either of the videos. What connections can you make between the Unit Objectives and the video you chose? Be specific, supporting your post with examples and making at least two connections. If applicable, include any personal work experience. Please see the links to the videos below:

This video provides an overview of why systems thinking is important and what it means to apply it. It describes why our traditional way of thinking may thwart achieving our intended results or unintentionally create worse issues than the ones we’re trying to address. Viewers will learn how to better determine if (and how) an issue can benefit from systems thinking, and the steps required to have a positive effect.

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The Value of Systems Thinking
Duration: 10:10
User: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Added: 10/26/17

This talk was given at a local TEDx event. Rebecca finds leverage points which can result in high impact, transformative and scalable models for individuals, business, cities, and countries.

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Systems thinking for a better world | Rebecca Mills | TEDxAuckland
Duration: 11:27
User: TEDx Talks – Added: 10/9/14

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