Leadership Development Portfolio

Leadership Development Portfolio

Moments of Inspiration/Motivation (2-3 pages) 25%

In this section, you have an opportunity to highlight some of your moments of inspiration throughout the semester. Leadership development is a deliberate act. You must be present, dedicated and actively engaged in the process. Be as daring, courageous and creative as you’d like! You will need at least five examples/experiences with a brief description of what is it, why you were inspired and how it relates to leadership. Limit to no more than 3 pages.

Your reflective essay could include:

I participated in a volunteer experience with Habitat for Humanity. This experience challenged me to be a better leader because….
I most admire Michelle Obama as a leader because….
The quote “To whom much is give, much is expected” inspires me to serve others. Serving others will help me be a better leader because…
I watched a Ted Talk video on Dr. Brene Brown called The Power of Vulnerability. This video inspired me to focus on vulnerability and courage which will make me a better leader because….
I was selected to lead a project at school. This was an awesome leadership experience because…
I have difficulty speaking in front of large groups of people. I decided to join
Toastmaster’s to improve my communication skills. Improving my communication skills will help me be a better leader because….
I asked John Smith to become my mentor. Having a mentor will challenge me to develop as a leader because…
Using social media to network helps build relationships. Networking is a great leadership skill because…

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