What group dynamics did you observe?

Homework Assignment

Students will be required to describe the following about the sessions they observe:

a. The type of group that was observed included age, gender of the members, any multicultural issues that the group may have.
b. What kind of group it is: support, work, social
c. What stage of the group does the group appear to be at? Give examples of what you observed that would indicate that?
d. What group dynamics did you observe? For example, who talked to whom? If there was a leader how did the members respond to the leader? How did the group disclose about themselves? How did they respond to conflict? How were emotions expressed?
e. If the group had a leader what kinds of leadership skills did you notice the leader using? How effective were these skills? If the group did not have a leader then what interventions would you do with this group to help it to develop trust, deal with conflict and help the group members to disclose about themselves?

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What group dynamics did you observe


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