Leaders We Love

Leaders We Love

Class: Organizational Behavior

Minimum of 300 words in length

Discussion on leadership, I would like for each of you to identify and analyze a leader who resonates with you and/or who you find intriguing, impressive, or admirable. It could be a past or present leader, and from any area of society (e.g., business, entertainment, sports, media, government/politics, religion, science, education, military).   For your analysis, I would like you to discuss (1) the types of power and influence they possess, and (2) their leadership style, based on factual evidence you have gathered on this individual. Also, explain why you selected this particular leader and their strengths and weaknesses.

Because I love sports:

PLEASE CHOOSE ANY of of the following please- OR ANYONE IN SPORTS

NBA Owner of Mavericks: Mark Cuban

NBA commissioner Adam Silver

NBA player: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)

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