Is your toilet constantly running? This is how to fix it!

Is your toilet constantly running? This is how to fix it!

Intro: In many older homes, particularly ones that have not had full bathroom renovations, an old toilet could be flushing as much as eight gallons of water per flush. Compare this to a modern toilet that is operating at the current standard of 1.6 gallons per flush.

Content: If you are hearing running water in your toilet, the problem is in the toilet tank. You can easily verify this by removing the lid on your tank and putting a few drops of food colouring in the standing water. Don’t flush your toilet for about half an hour. Has the colouring migrated to the water in the bowl? If it has, you have a running water leak. The toilet flapper ball: Lift the lid on your toilet tank and depress the flush handle. You will see the toilet flapper lift and release the water in the tank into the toilet, allowing it to flush. When enough water is released, the flapper drops and seals the tank so it can be refilled with water. A cracked or worn flapper that doesn’t properly seat will allow water to continually run. Flappers are usually made of soft material that can decay over time. The toilet chain: The toilet chain connected to the flapper can get tangled if it is too long. Untangle it or unhook it at the top and rehook it one notice shorter. Ensure it still allows the flapper to fully seat. The float ball and float arm. When the toilet tank is filling, the float ball position lets it know when to stop. Flush the toilet and when the tank is filling, gently lift the ball. Does the running that you’ve been hearing stop? If so, the problem is in this area.

Conclusion: If the above fixes do not resolve this issue, you may have a stuck fill valve or the ballcock assembly may be faulty. Both would need to be replaced. They are easy to replace and come with installation instructions. However, whatever you buy must be compatible with the rest of the toilet tank assembly.

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