Introducing Natural Environments

Introducing Natural Environments


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  1. Outline the main data requirements that might enable us to gain a better insight
    into the way in which shorelines respond to storms, and the potential for
    subsequent shoreline recovery.
  2. Describe one specific data set that addresses an environmental issue. Outline the
    environmental issue, and show how you might analyse the data set to derive some
    conclusions that improve our understanding of that environmental issue.
  3. Identify some keys ways in which humans have influenced natural fire regimes
    and describe the social and ecological consequences.
  4. Describe with the aid of at least two examples how environmental processes can
    be monitored and managed with the aid of remote sensing approaches.
  5. Discuss whether you think the Anthropocene should be officially recognised as
    an epoch. Give arguments for and against such official recognition and include a
    potential starting date that you think would be most appropriate if the
    Anthropocene were to become an official epoch.
  6. Describe how we can use natural archives such as lake sediment records to
    reconstruct human impacts on the landscape across the Holocene and on to the


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