Interview for Case

Interview for Case

Derek is 11 years old and is currently in fifth grade. Since an after-school conference held with Derek and his mother to discuss bruises found on Derek, he has missed 15 of the last 20 days of school. When he does attend, he is very quiet and tends to stay by himself. Derek also claims to be sick every time he has to go to gym class while playing team sports. The teacher has attempted to call his home to find out why Derek is missing so much school. On one occasion, Derek’s father answers the phone, curses at the teacher, and hangs up. After this conversation, the teacher is very concerned about Derek’s safety and consults the principal. A decision is made to contact Child Protective Services (CPS). You are the assigned investigator from CPS.
Post your response to the following:

Who would you want to interview for this case?
Why would you want to interview them?
What information would you expect to gain during your interviews?
What allegations do you believe might be present in this case?
Please APA style and double spacing

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