International Affairs/Relations

International Affairs/Relations

Read the following journal articles and write a summary/critique for each article. 

Keohane, Robert O. and Joseph S. Nye. 1977. Power and Interdependence, World Politics in Transition. Ch. 2: Realism and Complex Interdependence. Keohane and Nye 1977.pdf

Keohane, Robert O. 1997. “Problematic Lucidity: Stephen Krasner’s ‘State Power and the Structure of International Trade.’” World Politics 50: 150–171. Keohane 1997.pdf

(Tips: Keohane is one of the leading scholars of neo-liberalism and Krasner is a realist scholar. The second article is a critical response to Krasner’s 1976 article “State Power and the Structure of International Trade.” You need to summarize how Keohane described Krasner’s key arguments as well as how Keohane criticized Krasner’s arguments.)

Summaries should include research questions of the articles, major arguments and theories, logic of arguments and theories, methods (if any), empirical findings (if any), and implications (if any). A simple abstract of what the author(s) did in the article is not a good summary. 

2. The quality of your discussion question.

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