Explain what is meant by the left, right, authoritarian, and libertarian labels on the compass.

American Government Ideology

Paper Assignment: The assignment has several parts:

1. Click on this link and answer the questions http://www.politicalcompass.org/test
2. Next, when you have your result, save a copy of the result (as a screenshot, for example). Then take a look at the analysis of the 2020 US presidential candidates here:

3. Write a brief paper (3 pages minimum) answering the questions below; be specific and detailed.

a. Were any of the questions confusing or difficult? How so?
b. Explain what is meant by the left, right, authoritarian, and libertarian labels on the compass. Describe what the test results indicate about your personal political ideology. Reflect on the results in relation to the concepts and theories of political ideology you are studying in this course. Are you surprised by the results? How closely do they align with what you thought you knew about your own views? Are you closer to or farther away from a particular label than you would have thought?
c. Why do you think you hold these views on government and politics? Which agents of socialization discussed in chapter 10 in the textbook do you think have had the most influence on your views? Provide specific examples.
d. Which three political issues are most important to you? Discuss one or two issues included in the internet quiz that isn’t very important to you. Which issues do you think are most important to your family and friends?
e. Based solely on the results of the political compass test, which of the major party candidates in the recent presidential election (Trump or Biden) was closest to representing your views? How well do you think most people’s views were represented by these candidates? Do you think more diversity in candidates’ views is necessary for our elections to be considered socially just? Are there any changes we could make to how presidents are chosen that would result in a more ideal level of diversity in the views represented?
4. Attend a public meeting of an interest group, county board, lobby, or other organization to see how your views/ideology are presented/acted upon in practice. Examples may include meeting of a county advisory board such as Hispanic Affairs, a commission for women, Asianaffairs (among many others), the SGA, a county commission meeting or hearing, an interest group action or rally, etc. Identify and discuss your public meeting at the end of your reflection paper.
(Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, conditions will be reassessed in October and the
the requirement that students attend a public meeting of some sort may be modified.)
5. Include the graph showing the results of your political compass test at the end of the paper.

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Explain what is meant by the left right authoritarian and libertarian labels on the compass.


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