Human service

Human service

Part 1: Chapter one of the course textbook discusses what makes the human service field distinct from other fields, such as social work and counseling psychology. For the first part of your thread, discuss why the human service field is a much-needed profession and share one or two possible careers that you might be interested in pursuing. Remember that the Human Service degree is designed to prepare individuals with the necessary skills to participate in agency-related activities (community care, court, agency, etc.) and does not fulfill licensure requirements. Students planning to apply for state licensure should contact their academic advisor for information on degree programs designed to fulfill state licensure requirements.

Part 2: Based on your study of the Learn materials for this Module: Week, what do you consider the most important historical event in the history of the human services profession? Why? While you are sharing your opinion here, you must demonstrate informed opinion by supporting your points with references to the course textbook.

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