Define the field of human resources, current laws/regulations, and the role of management in developing effective HR strategies to support organizational success.

Position Paper Final Assignment

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this project is to build the skills and knowledge required for future success in the field of human resources or the function of managing people. The final project is tied to the following course learning outcomes:

Interpret the impact of HR regulations and practices in a wide variety of workplace contexts.
Define the field of human resources, current laws/regulations, and the role of management in developing effective HR strategies to support organizational success.

IUPUI prepares all students to communicate, innovate, and engage local and global communities to solve the problems of the 21st century. This project will allow students to develop expertise in the field of managing human resources by focusing on the following IUPUI profiles:


Evaluates Information
Listens Actively
Builds Relationships
Conveys Ideas Effectively

Problem Solver

Thinks Critically
Analyzes, Synthesizes, and Evaluates

More information regarding IUPUI Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success can be found here:
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In 2011, SHRM (Society of HR Management) began a program of research involving thousands of HR professionals to identify the critical competencies needed for success as an HR professional. This research led to the development of the SHRM Competency Model, which defines eight key behavioral competencies (Ethical Practices, Leadership & Navigation, Business Acumen, Relationship Management, Communication, Consultation, Critical Evaluation and Global & Cultural Effectiveness) and one technical competency (HR Expertise). The SHRM Competency Model provides HR professionals with a comprehensive roadmap for developing the capabilities they need to advance their careers and improve their effectiveness in the workplace. For more information on the SHRM Body of Knowledge, visit
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. This project builds knowledge in the Ethical Practices, Leadership & Navigation, Communication, Critical Evaluation, and HR Expertise domains. Specifically, under the HR Expertise domain the project will increase awareness of the following HR functional areas:

US Employment Laws and Regulations
Employee and Labor Relations
HR Strategic Planning
Diversity and Inclusion
Workforce Management


This project is being broken down throughout the Modules. Refer to the Modules for steps and due dates. For the final position paper submission, all of the pieces need to be submitted in one file to receive full points. Consider the feedback your instructor provided on your position paper assignments.

In order to better understand conflict and controversy surrounding topics in HRM, you are to focus on a human resource issue with conflicting perspectives. You are to present an argument with the intent of providing background for the issue and making your case. This project model what an HR professional will do before making a case to business leaders.
Identify an issue. It can be anything that pertains to HR. It can be from the textbook, an incident at work, something from the Internet, or something in the news. You select the topic. Some examples to consider are Employment at Will, FLSA, Minimum Wage, FMLA, ADAAA, COVID-19 employer responses, recent Supreme Court rulings.
Once you have identified an issue, create a mind map. There are many free mind mapping resources. I like
(Links to an external site.)
. This is a free site. Start to identify conflicting viewpoints and key issues around your topic. You can either submit the link to your mind map or the document.
Research the selected topic to get an overview of potentially conflicting viewpoints. Find at least 4 credible references. Try to find 2 references to support your viewpoint and 2 references opposing your position. Describe the circumstances and start to frame your topic. Don’t forget to update your mind map.
Take a position. You can agree or disagree. You can take a position that what happened is right or wrong, good or bad, or should have been handled that way or not. This week turn in your position statement on your topic and your updated mind map identifying your position and the opposing view.
Defend your position. Why do you feel your position is correct and accurate? Include your research. Your position must be supported with research and facts. Keep in mind that the CEO will value your position if you support it with facts and best practices, not just your opinion.
Discuss the opposing view. Why would someone disagree with you? What would their reasoning be? It is important to be able to listen and be knowledgeable in the counterargument to your position. This week turn in at least one paragraph defending your position and at least one paragraph addressing the opposing view.
Summarize and conclude your paper.
Your paper should be at least 3 pages, no more than 5 pages. Doubled-spaced, 12-point font. A title page and reference page should be included but do not count toward the 3 pages. Use APA format.
Criteria for Success

See attached rubric grading criteria.

The rubric was created using the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Critical Thinking VALUE Rubric. Retrieved from
(Links to an external site.)

The issue is clearly identified and relevant to human resource management.

The issue is clearly framed and defined.

The position is clearly stated and supported by research.

The opposing view is clearly stated and supported by research.

Strong conclusion and wrap up to position is included

Conventions: The paper is 3-5 pages, has a title and reference pages and is written in APA format. The paper contains no grammatical errors.

OLS 38300 Final Project Fall 2020

Image preview for”define the field of human resources, current laws/regulations, and the role of management in developing effective HR strategies to support organizational success.”

Define the field of human resources current laws regulations and the role of management in developing effective HR strategies to support organizational success.


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