Please follow the essay promt i got a failing grade she giving me another chance to resumbit my paper. I attched my paper also below is the coments she left and what shes looking for .

Your thesis is simply listing 3 main ideas from the article; the paper then summarizes those 3 ideas. That is not what the assignment is. 

This assignment is asking you to rhetorically analyze the article. In other words, there are two main questions you are answering in this paper.

  1. Does the author effectively argue their point(s)? 
  2. What contributes to the effectiveness of their argument? Identify 3 rhetorical strategies used by the author, and list them in your thesis. (There is an example thesis on the assignment prompt.) 

The only summary happening should be the summary paragraph after the introduction.

The 3 analysis paragraphs will then correspond to the 3 strategies you listed in your thesis. Rhetorical strategies are elements tied to the logos, pathos, and ethos of the article.

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