1-Share an experience (as a consumer or a provider of the healthcare services) when you had to deal   with the data entry and information utilization in health care. Explain what tools were used to document, record, store, and share the data. Provide examples of how the data(what data)was used for the clinical  decision making and the administrative decision making in your case. Explain why it was so. 

2-Your initial post supported by at least two scholarly references You have been hired by a local      healthcare facility that plans to implement a healthcare information system as an Electronic Health  Record (EHR). Your supervisor asked you to prepare Request for Information (RFI) and Request for  Proposal (RFP) documents for sending to EHR vendors. But first, your supervisor wants you to list the elements you would consider for the preparation of these documents. In this discussion, address    the key similarities and key differences between RFI and RFP.

Your initial post supported by at least two (2) scholarly references.