please answer 2 out of 4 questions. Please be detailed in your responses and write a page for each response:

  1. An individual had a knee replacement done on the right knee instead of the left. The Hospital QI Director requires your assistance in conducting a Root Cause Analysis to determine how this might have occurred. Please conduct an RCA regarding what the actual cause of this error was and a plan to prevent it from happening again. Use the knowledge and tools that you have learned. Tip-review the JCAHO Safety Goal for Wrong Site Surgery.
  2. As the new QI Director of an 800 bed Acute Care Hospital, you have been asked to develop a strategic plan to assess the current QI program and determine any required revisions or updates. Please complete a hypothetical assessment and a plan to address any required updates. Additionally develop a brief QI work plan of proposed topics for the remainder of 2021.
  3. Discuss the importance of benchmarking with other facilities/programs/plans and provide an example of how you can do this (remember the 1st discussion). Internal and External
  4. Discuss the importance of launching an effective quality improvement team. Related to question 4:

a. Provide an example of an initiative that a QI team could use. b. What are Team Rules? c. How would you

handle conflicts in a quality action team? d. How would you recommend rewarding achievements of a

quality action team. e. How would you communicate the results to all facility staff?

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