Briefly describe the environmental issue and its history


Summary Paper Assignment: Tying a Local Environmental Issue to Human Drivers of Environmental Change

We live in a complex world and deal with a variety of environmental problems. Being able to create concise summary papers on environmental issues is an important skill. Summary papers provide relevant information about environmental issues, how the issues were created, and the ramifications of the issues.

As we have learned, human activity is the driving force behind environmental change today.

For this course, you are asked to prepare a summary paper on a local environmental issue, tying it to the human drivers responsible for the underlying environmental changes and ramifications of the issue you summarized.

write a concise summary paper addressing the following:

Briefly describe the environmental issue and its history (10 points).
Identify two to three major stakeholders, such as local residents and groups interested in the issue, and briefly describe the problem from the perspective of one of the stakeholders (15 points).
Identify major environmental and human health concerns related to this issue (15 points).
Discuss how the issue is tied to each of the human drivers of change we learned about:
human population growth and consumption (10 points); energy use (10 points); and land use (10 points).
Briefly discuss the ramifications of not addressing this problem (10 points).

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Briefly describe the environmental issue and its history


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