Government Essay

Government Essay

I find it easier to have guidance on topics when drafting a paper so for this assignment I want you to pick one topic from the list below.

  1. The colonies initially had a weak national (federal) government under the Articles of Confederation. This form of government did not work and led to the development and adoption of the U.S. Constitution. Explain the problems with the Articles of Confederation and why a strong federal (national) government is necessary. You can go further and explain how our federal government has too much power or perhaps explain why it is still too weak.
  2. The Federalist Papers were propaganda articles intended to sway opinion in favor of the new Constitution. Select two of these papers and explain how the writings were effective in gaining support for the Constitution. In your essay be sure to explain the argument from the Anti-Federalists and what influences the Anti-Federalists had on the U.S. Constitution.


Prepare a 1000 – 1200-word essay addressing one of the above topics.

You must utilize a minimum of three scholarly sources, and APA format. Your textbook can be a source. Wikipedia is not allowed as a source. Be careful if using news articles, blogs, or social media as a source. Opinion pieces are not scholarly sources.

This assignment is to be submitted on Canvas no later than Sunday, February 13,  11:59pm.


This is not an opinion essay. You can state a premise and argue to support your premise. However, do not use phrases such as – “In my opinion” – “I think that” –“I believe”

Use scholarly references and articles to support your premise. Make sure you cite your sources. A good general rule is to have at least one or more citations in each paragraph of your paper.

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