Provide a definition of rhetoric.

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1. Provide a definition of rhetoric.
2. What is “terministic screen”?
3. Define the concept of the sign. Give an example.
4. Explain the meaning of the phrase “the medium is the message.”
5. ListCicero’s Seven Parts of an oration.
6. Define and give an example of the arrangement- of- exclusion concept of space.
7. Define the concept of genre using the communicative act model (see Sargent and Paraskeva’s “Organization and Genre”).Give an example.
8. Apply the criteria of content, intent, and effect on the term “hate speech.”
9. Describe the criteria for successful analogies.
10. How is analogy different from the argument based on inductive logic?
11. Why the analogy cannot be used as proof?
12. Define the genre of ceremonial rhetoric and give an example.
13. Define encomium versus invective. Give two examples.
14. Why is media literacy important? Give an example.
15. What are the functions of parody? Give an example.

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Provide a definition of rhetoric.


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