Freedom and Feminism

Freedom and Feminism


In The Second Sex, Simone De Beauvoir argued that men are generally held up as embodiments of “the norm” while women are viewed or treated as “other.” This dangerous cultural stigma leads to her famous claim: “One is not born, but rather becomes, 

woman. No biological, psychic, or economic destiny defines the figure that the human female takes on in society.” 

 How is the idea of gender socially constructed and maintained by patriarchal values? In other words, what obstacles exist to 

women organizing themselves into a political group for the purpose of resisting male authority? Do the obstacles also originate 

in women’s own thinking, or are they imposed on women exclusively from the outside? 

 If you prefer, you may answer the same questions, but through the lens of Angela Davis’ Women, Race and Class, and/or 

instead of Beauvoir. Please provide textual evidence to support your claims.

*Note: These are guiding questions for which there are not objectively right or wrong answers. I am evaluation your ability to 

think critically, interpret, and read deeply.

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