FINAL Assignment

FINAL Assignment

Choose any ONE from the following list as a topic for your final paper. The questions themselves are in normal text, and further clarifying explanations are given in italics. This paper should be in the vicinity of 1,000 words, and employ at least 3 citations.

1. The effect of genetics and/or neuroscience on crime control in the future.

2. The intersection of crime and tradition. How should conflicts between cultural traditions and the law –bride kidnapping, ritual ingestation of drugs, clitorectomy, ritual animal slaughter, various vodoo practices, honor killing, etc.– be resolved? Up until what point should the international community intercede on behalf of human rights in traditional conservative settings?

3. Crime, Violence, Media & Responsibility Are we more prone to criminal violence due to media? Who is responsible for the effects of violence- the consumer, the media, government? What should be done? How?

4. Poverty & Crime What are the linkages, fallacies, viable remedies?

5. Underage Offenders Who are they and why are they being incarcerated? Are most of these offenders motivated out of biological, behavioral, or social/environmental causes? Are there any viable alternative remedies?

6. Race, Ethnicity, and Crime How do these intersect?

7. Immigration: Children at the Border. This is a Current Events topic and refers to the southern border of the U.S. with unnaccompanied minors crossing into the United States. Is this (a minor crossing the border unaccompanied) a crime? What are its motivations? Is behavioralism, free will, or any other type of method/theory we have studied at play here?

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