What events, trends, or movements will the Gumps find themselves involved in?

Book / Movie Review

Continue Forrest Gump’s Story
After you finish watching the film Forrest Gump (1994), it will be your turn to continue his story. Keep in mind that the film ends circa September 1982.
Forrest is approximately thirty-seven years old. His son is around five years old.


You may work individually or in a small group (no more than 3/group) to continue Forrest’s story.
Throughout the film, Forrest found himself involved in many famous moments in American history. It will be your job to continue his story into the present day.


● Your story should be a minimum of 3 pages, Time New Roman 12 font 1.5 spaced.
● You must identify at least 8-10 events, people, or trends that Forrest witnessed or influenced in the years following 1982. Be sure to include Forrest, Jr. Also – keep in mind the age of each as they move towards the twenty-first century. They only count if you set up for the Forrest Family meaningfully interacted with the event, people, or trends.
● Use the space below & on the back to brainstorming your ideas. Then write the next chapters of Forrest & Little Forrest’s stories.
● Feel free to photoshop the images to support your narrative. These will not count towards your three pages.
● Be prepared to share your stories in class. We will vote for the most creative story, so keep your ideas a surprise.
● Once you finish brainstorming, determine who will be responsible for each part and begin typing your stories. If you work with a classmate (s), you only need to turn in one copy, but you need to fill out this form.

Questions to Consider:

● What events, trends, or movements will the Gumps find themselves involved in?
● Be cognizant of chronology.
● How will they become involved? How will they influence the outcome?
● Insert appropriate dialogue where needed.
● Lastly, keep it appropriate. Be sensitive to topics/events that may evoke emotion in your audience.
How you will be assessed: This will be counted as a Major Grade.
Events fit period given, chronology is accurate:
Meaningful interaction is explained:
5 0

5 0

Days late
On time
1 Day
2 Days
So on

Use for Draft

What events did Forrest participate in/witness in the film?
What (8-10) events might you like to incorporate into your story (1983-2020)?
How might the Gump (s) find themselves involved? Will any of the other figures from the film also find themselves in the story? Be aware of age/chronology.
What topics of events might be emotional or need to be handled with sensitivity? Draft a plan for that here.

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What events trends or movements will the Gumps find themselves involved in


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