Examining Young Voters’ Political Information

Examining Young Voters’ Political Information

Assignment: Choose one of the “applied readings” for this week. After reading it, write a
report (not an essay!) in which you address each question below in order. Please note that
you should answer each question directly, taking your time to do so fully and carefully.
This is not an essay assignment.

  1. What is the main research question?
  2. What is the causal theory? Note that it may be implicit, so you may have to infer
    it from the reading.
  3. What are the main concepts in the theory?
  4. What hypothesis (or hypotheses) does the author propose?
  5. What is the dependent variable? What is/are the main independent variable(s)?
  6. What population is the author studying?
  7. What is logic of case selection? Is the sample of cases that the author studies
    representative of the population?
  8. How does the author measure the main concepts outlined in the theory? Is the
    measurement strategy appropriate for these concepts?
  9. How does the author determine if a hypothesis has been confirmed or rejected?
  10. Does the use of interviews or focus groups add useful insights that standard
    surveys could not have produced? If so, what?
  11. What alternative explanations might exist for the evidence that the author
  12. What weaknesses can you identify that might reduce your confidence in the
    author’s inferences and conclusions?
    Notes & Guidelines:
    • You may “copy and paste” these questions into your document. Please clearly label each
    question and answer.
    • Take the time to answer questions clearly and carefully. Some answers need only be a
    sentence long, while others may require a paragraph.
    • Please submit the paper as a .pdf document or a Microsoft Word (.docx)
    document. These are the only formats I will accept.

Your answers will be graded based on (1) your demonstrated understanding of the key
concepts covered in this course, and (2) your ability to apply them appropriately and
critically to the specifics of this assignment

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