For this essay and for all others throughout the course, you are responsible for following the MLA general essay guidelines, which can be found at the Purdue OWL website: (Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, page numbers, first page heading, etc.)

      For this essay, are expected to develop your responses as clearly as possibly in a 3-4 page essay (at least 3 full pages with proper formatting).  Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary filler, and directly respond to the questions.


What are the differences between moral objectivism, cultural relativism, and individual subjectivism? Which of these 3 approaches to understanding ethics do you think is the best, and why? What are some challenges against your chosen view, and how would you defend your view against challenges from the those who might agree with the other 2 views rather than your chosen best approach?

If you think moral objectivism is your chosen best approach, how do you think objective moral truths could possibly be recognized or understood? If cultural relativism is your chosen best approach, are there any cultures that might have “better” ethics than others, and why or why not? If individual subjectivism is your chosen best approach, are there any individuals that might have “better” ethics than others, and why or why   not?

In your response, make sure to explain and summarize all 3 of these theories as best you can, as well as explain your own stance on the possibility of universal moral truths. If your own views are somewhere in between these 3 separate theories, you should first explain which one provides the best approach (the one you might be closest to) before explaining how you might disagree with this approach despite it being the best out of these 3 choices. There is no need to use outside sources for this essay, but if you do consult or use any sources other than our textbook, please make sure to provide both in-text citations and works cited entries. If using only our textbook, only in-text citaitons are required and they should be given as (Wolff pg#), where the “pg#” refers to the specific pages you are citing from. 

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