Why do you see the dog differently from the two men in the story?


Read the following instruction on what the essay is addressing and how to present your arguments.

Imagine you are visiting a foreign country that does not have legal protection against animal cruelty. You run into a situation in which two young men are beating a dog for sitting outside their food store. Seeing the brutal beating, you go up to the two men and ask them to stop beating the poor dog. “Can you please stop? The dog did not do any harm to you by just sitting outside your store, right?”
One of the men said that “the dog is annoying and sits outside our store very often and frightens our customers.” The other man said more rudely that it was none of your business and that it was nobody’s business to beat or even kill a dog in their country. They both said that they had their business to take care of since they had a big family to provide for.
Hearing what they said, what can you say and what would you do? Remember you are a tourist or a visitor. What could you do to help that dog or to help end similar situations like that for the future?
Please in your own words, write a short essay on the situation and what you would do. Please divide your essay into 5 short paragraphs, use short sentences, check your spelling, avoid grammatical mistakes. Start your essay with an introductory paragraph summarizing the situation in which two men were beating a dog and you happened to witness the cruelty in your capacity as a visitor and you try to intervene on behalf of the dog. Please send your message with a concluding paragraph. When you are writing, 

answer the following questions in the essay:

1. what ethical values caused you to want to intervene in this situation?
2. What assumptions about your responsibility as an individual, a member of the society, and an outsider who respects the local culture when you want to intervene for the dog?
3. Why do you think it is wrong for the two men to beat the dog who did not do anything wrong?
4. Do you find the two men’s arguments for beating the dog sound, somewhat understandable?
5. Why do you see the dog differently from the two men in the story? Do you consider yourself more compassionate while the two fellows are heartless? What makes them “heartless” if you think so? What made the two men sacrifice the well-being of the dog? Do we in the U.S. have the same situation as much as the two men?
6. How would you intervene to help the dog without offending the two men? How could you persuade the two men to allow the dog to sit outside their store? Or how could you persuade the two men to believe that having that dog sitting outside their store may not be a bad thing as long as the dog does not scare their customers?
7. Finally, what best offer to help the dog and the two men could you propose, an offer that the two men would not resist and cruelty to that dog and all other dogs could be stopped?

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Why do you see the dog differently from the two men in the story


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