Choose a film or book related to abnormal behavior.

Psycho movie report- Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology

Film/Book Review

Choose a film or book related to abnormal behavior. It may be autobiographical, biographical, or fiction. All films and books must be approved by your professor.
Review and write a 4-5 page report on the book or movie. Summarize the plot of the film or book in sufficient detail focusing on the author or director’s depiction of psychological abnormality. How is the illness conceptualized? Describe the symptoms of the mental illness. What type of treatment(s) did the individuals receive? Did the treatment seem ethical? effective? Were the “four D’s of abnormality present in the symptom description? How did the other characters respond to the mentally ill individual? And answer the following questions in your conclusion: Were there any errors or liberties taken by the filmmaker or author concerning people with mental illness? Was the illness depicted accurately? Would you recommend the book or film? Why or why not?
The paper must be in APA style and include a title page, abstract, 4-5 pages of content, and a reference page. The paper must be paraphrased in your own words, include citations where appropriate, and not have direct quotes, or copied and pasted content.

The paper is to include the following headings:

• Plot Summary
• Conceptualization of Illness(es)/Symptomatology
• Treatments: Types/Ethics/Effectiveness
• Relationship to 4 D’s of Mental Illness
• Other Characters Response to Mentally Ill Individual(s)
• Conclusions
See questions above related to each area.

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Choose a film or book related to abnormal behavior.


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