Essay on Climate Change

Essay on Climate Change

write a two-page paper addressing at least one of the following questions:

1. What do you think? Is climate change a real problem or just another distraction?

2. What, according to climate change scientists, is happening?

3. What, according to climate change deniers, is (or is not) happening?

4. How can environmental and economic interests be balanced?

5. What is the potential human cost of climate change?

6. What can you do to help ease the effect of climate change? Are such actions necessary (why or why not)?

Your opinion may differ than mine and that is fine – that is an important aspect of college. But, perhaps more important than differing opinions, learning to back your option by fact is the best skill you can learn during your four years with us. To this end, you must use a minimum of five primary, scholarly (read: peer-reviewed) sources beyond the required weekly readings. Primary, scholarly sources are those found from peer reviewed journal articles and contain original research. They do not include books, websites (except for those ending in .edu or .gov – in very limited cases), personal opinions, magazines, newspapers, or any other form of media. If you have a doubt about what is and what is not a primary scholarly source, ask me. Regardless of what your world view is, backing it by primary, scholarly sources gives your work meaning.

Essays should be well written because you have all semester to do them. Your essay MUST be proof read – I will stop reading it and you will get a “zero” if it is obvious that this has not been done. Essays are to be uploaded in the appropriate assignment area in Canvas. Essays should comply with the APA Manual of Style (6th edition), namely containing a cover page, properly formatted in-text citations, and a corresponding works cited section (also properly formatted). The font should be 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced. Margins should be set to one inch for the top, bottom, right, and left sides. I do not require an abstract and you do not have to break the two-page paper into research, methodology, etc. sections (there’s no real need for that). A last thing: When I say 2 pages in length, I mean two full pages of text. For instance, this page is not two whole pages, it is 7/8th of a page. To make it, I recommend you go on to the third page (and don’t give me one of those BS title blocks on your first page: you know the ones that take up ¼ of a page… I was a student myself and know all the tricks). Let me know if you have questions.

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