Did you select one department for your report?



If you want to complete this assignment on your own, you do not need to send an email to your professor; your professor will assume that you want to complete this assignment on your own.
If you want to complete this assignment with a partner, send an email to your professor by the end of Week 2 and your professor will assign partners and post that information using the Discuss tool by the beginning of Week 3.
Read the MagNet Case Study carefully. The first several pages describe the organization, employees, and the budget situation at MagNet. The remainder of the case study describes the three departments of the organization.

Download the MagNet Case Study Template to your computer.

This assignment includes a scoring rubric. Carefully review the rubric before you begin the assignment so you are aware of the criteria on which this assignment will be graded.
You (and your partner if you are working with a partner) may select any ONE of the three departments on which to make recommendations and write a report.
Department A – Programmers
Department B – Technical Support
Department C – General Administration
You (and your partner if you are working with a partner) will assume the role of a Motivational Specialist that has been called into the company to consult on the issues within your department. Keep your role in mind as you complete the next Action Items.
If you are working with a partner, decide with your partner on dates/deadlines for the following actions:
a careful review of the case study (suggestion: make notes about your department as you read the case study)

communications to discuss the case study

You may use the Meet tool, email, or any other electronic communications to work with your partner. You and your partner may want to use Skype, a collaboration tool available to students that allows them to chat using audio, video, and text, as well as share files. Review information about Getting Started with Skype – Student in the Student Toolkit.
communications to agree on your recommendations
communications to write your report and allow time for proofreading and revisions
A careful review of the case study should include the following. Keep this thought in mind as you review the case study: What is the motivational problem that you perceive?
Look at the employee files and the results of the self-assessment of his/her motivational style
Read productivity records, incident records, and requests for training
Review the Budget Description section of the case study again (pay close attention to the budget restrictions in place)
Review this Writing a Case Analysis article for guidance on preparing a case study analysis.
You (and your partner if you are working with a partner) will create a written plan of recommendations to help your department. In your report, you are to include motivation options based upon content, process, and reinforcement theories that were covered in the course. You can also include recommendations to improve human resource elements that affect your department. Note: if you are working with a partner, you will create ONE written plan of recommendations and you will both submit that report so that both can receive feedback.
The plan should be presented as a formal report that will be presented to the CEO of MagNet and should include a brief review of the problem(s). The report should focus on potential solutions. You must use the Case Study Template for your report. Note that the first two sections are completed for you. You will add to and complete the rest of the report. Your report should be a minimum of two full pages single-spaced (page count does not include a cover page, references page, or any graphics or appendices you include).
Use this Checklist for Report Writing as a guide when writing your report.

Review the Self-Check below.

Did you select one department for your report?
Did you review all records that pertain to your department?
Did you keep the budget restriction in mind as you developed recommendations?
Did you include recommendations in your report regarding Human Resources policies/procedures?
Did you Spellcheck and carefully review your report?

MagNet Case Study Scenario

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Did you select one department for your report


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