What is a Case Brief?

Dohrskind v. Oak Park Place of Dubuque

Case Brief Assignment

What is a Case Brief?
A case brief is a short summary of a court case that identifies the relevant facts of the case, the issue of the case that the court is deciding, the holding or decision of the court, and the reasoning the court uses to make their decision.
Your Assignment:

Write a 1-2 page case brief for the Dohrskind case. The case brief can be easily broken down into these headings (used for organizing your thoughts – you do not have to answer each question):

(1) Relevant facts of the case
• What facts are important to the case?
• What did the employee or the employer do to create the lawsuit?
(2) The legal issue to be decided
• What issue is this case about?
What law was allegedly violated in the case?
(3) The holding in the case
• What was the court’s decision?
Did they rule in favor of the employee? Or the employer?
(4) The reasoning behind the court’s decision
• Why did the court decide in the way they did?
• What facts did the court rely on to make their decision?

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What is a Case Brief


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