1. Think about the development of a learning center. Imagine you are developing a learning center based on literacy. The literacy standard you are addressing is FIRST GRADE LITERACY and you are addressing: Standard 1R3: Describe characters, settings, and major events in a story, or pieces of information in a text.

What are 3 activities you could include in the design of your learning center to ensure you use children’s situational and/or personal interests to make them more likely to engage in the learning center?

In answering this question – remember – the goal of the learning center in this example is to address Standard 1R3 (above) and have your students motivated to engage.

Here is an example of one activity (YOU CAN NOT USE MY EXAMPLE): “Standard 1R3 says that students should learn to describe characters, settings, and major events from a text. In my learning center, I would use non-traditional writing utensils (e.g., fuzzy pencils, colorful pens, etc) that might be more motivating than just a simple pen or pencil. This example would be motivating using ‘situational interests'”

2. Watch the short video below…

What type of learning center do you want to create for your final project? Why?

What age/grade will your learning center be directed towards? (this should be in line with your program – early childhood vs childhood)

Will you be developing a physical or virtual learning center?

What are two questions you have about the project?

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