To deal with the economic downturn due to the covid-19 virus, Justin Trudeau’s federal
acted quickly. The government provided billions of dollars in aid to businesses
and direct payments to individuals.

  1. Re-visit your response in Discussion #1. For the company you described as having
    characteristics of pure competition:

a. State the name of the company. Describe the challenges this company has faced and is
facing due to the virus and how this government aid will impact the viability of this company.
b. Describe the impact of the virus on the employees of this company. How will EI and direct
payments from the government impact the lives of these workers?

  1. Unemployment certainly rose due to the virus. Given the amount of money injected into
    the economy by the government, what will be the impact on inflation? Provide reasons
    based on the knowledge of inflation you learned in this course.
  2. While the country continues to deal with the economic fall out from the virus, do you
    think the federal and provincial governments should invest more into post-secondary
    education? Give reasons to support your answer based upon the role you feel education will
    play in the economic recovery.
    Make sure to number and label your responses as they are above. For instance, label your
    response to the first part of the first question as “1a”.

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