Domestic Violence Assessment

Domestic Violence Assessment

Write about Domestic Violence Assessment 

  1. Research your topic through library and web sources. Use reputable sources. 
  2. Generally, websites ending in .org, .gov, or .Edu are stronger resources than .com sites; or use the library to search for information.
  3. *You must must include at least one reference from the Library or Learning Resource from this week or prior weeks within your answers. 
  4. Be sure to focus on the health ASSESSMENT of your selected topic. You are not researching and writing on the entire topic.
  5. You will investigate your topic and answer these 4 questions:1.  Is your topic primarily assessed through health history or physical assessment, or both?2.  Why should the topic you are studying be included in a health assessment?3.  What key questions should be asked in assessing this topic with adult clients? If possible, find an assessment tool or guide to which you can refer teammates.4.  Generally, what type of follow-up action, documentation, or reporting is required for information discovered in assessing your topic?

This paper is a formal written assignment.

    1. It should have an APA Title Page, an introduction paragraph (can be brief), the body of the paper, a conclusion paragraph (can be brief); APA citations and APA references.
  1. Tips on how to use APA format can be found under About this Course. Start learning this skill now.
    1. Not counting the title page or reference page, this assignment should be two pages long

*Please use this resources that I have attached following with other reliable resources that is appropriate to the topic.*