Ben is a 26-year-old who identifies as a gay male of European descent.

Case Studies: Case Conceptualization

Select 1 of the 2 Case Studies for this assignment.

CASE STUDY #1: Ben is a 26-year-old who identifies as a gay male of European descent. He is currently working full-time as a pipe fitter’s apprentice and attending school three nights a week as part of his union contract. He reports a history of Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, but has not had any symptoms of depression in over 2 years. Recently, he has noticed that he has had low energy, doesn’t find his job as interesting as he once did, and is experiencing hopelessness about his future. Ben reports during adolescence he had some thoughts about death and dying, but he does not believe he has ever been truly “suicidal,” stating, “I know someone who died like that, and I don’t want my friends and family to suffer like that, so it’s never an option for me.”

Ben moved back home with his parents 4 months ago, as they are concerned about his depression and level of isolation.

While he does enjoy being home with his family, he has begun to feel like “a loser who can’t get out of my parents’ house.” Three months ago, he began going to the casino that is less than 10 miles from his home. He has found that he enjoys the challenge of playing poker. Ben reports when he is playing at the casino, his mood is “incredible,” and he feels like he is “on top of the world” when he wins. However, when he loses, his depression seems to get worse. In the past month, he has lost approximately $2,500. He reports he has started playing online gambling games at work to try to win back some of the money he has lost. At first, he was winning, but once he was “up,” he found he had difficulties stopping, and ultimately has lost an additional $200 through his online games.

Case Study 2:

Alejandra is a 23-year-old who identifies as a heterosexual female from a family with strong connections to their Mexican heritage and their Catholic faith. She prefers to be called “Alex.” She has been working full-time for a large financial institution for over 2 years, enjoys her job, and has several “good” relationships with co-workers. She has been in a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend for 3 years.

Alex was referred to you by a peer after she discovered she is pregnant. She is “very concerned” about telling her boyfriend and her family about the pregnancy, citing her parents’ and her boyfriend’s parent’s religious beliefs and her fear they will “force us to get married.” She does not believe that her boyfriend wants children, and she has been experiencing “panic attacks” when she thinks about telling him. She explains that she has always been “a little worrier,” stating she was “obsessive” about her grades in school. Alex’s supervisor praises her for her high standards and quality work, but she always worries about being fired if her performance does not continue to improve. She is also concerned that motherhood will, “slow me down, and I won’t be able to keep a job and pay her bills.”

Alex reports during your initial visit that she has been using prescription pain medication to treat a knee injury she developed playing soccer 2 years ago when she was in college. She is aware that she has become physically dependent on opioids, disclosing that she recently tried to quit taking them but experienced “intense withdrawal symptoms.” She is worried that she is harming herself and the fetus by continuing to take the prescription medication.

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Ben is a 26-year-old who identifies as a gay male of European descent.


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