Discussion post

Discussion post

There are three questions.  In order to receive full credit on this assignment, you must do the following, at minimum:

Post ONE response post to one of the three discussion board questions/topic threads, no later than by Sunday, Apr. 10th.  Your response should be approximately 250 words.  Failure to post a response post by Sunday will result in a 1 point deduction of your grade.
Post TWO reply posts to your peers.  These replies should be posted under the two topics/questions where you did not post your response.  (However, you are encouraged to engage discussion regarding your original response post).  In other words, you should have a post under each topic thread.  Each reply post should be approximately 100 words.
Grading Criteria:
Participation in this week’s discussion board forum will be based on the following:

Whether you posted, at minimum, one response post and two reply posts.  The response post is worth 4 points and the reply posts are worth 3 points each.
Whether your posts are appropriate in length and you followed all instructions.
Whether your posts demonstrate mastery of course content and material.
Whether your posts appropriately and adequately address the questions/topics posed.
Whether your posts are relevant, substantive, and original (e.g., help move the conversation forward). Please note that this may require you to post early rather than waiting until the deadline.  In addition, if there are already 3 or 4 response posts under a thread, and another topic thread remains without any responses, please post your response post under the thread with fewer (or no) responses to ensure that your response post is original.
Whether you employ professional language and tone and engage in respectful/civil dialogue.
Whether your posts are well edited for grammatical and spelling errors.

question to be answered:
Some public administration scholars argue that bureaucrats (non-elected, government officials), including street-level bureaucrats, should exhibit “neutral competence” in performing their duties (West 2005). In other words, they should not be influenced by partisanship when performing their work.  However, this idea of neutral competence conflicts with demands of “political responsiveness” or serving the interests of elected officials (West 2005).

(a) Do you think it is realistic for street-level bureaucrats to demonstrate “neutral competence” in their work?  Why or why not?

(b) Please provide a real-world example of a street-level bureaucrat demonstrating partisanship in their work.

(c) Should the notion of neutral competence be idealized or is it appropriate, or even important, for SLBs to take into account their political beliefs/values?  Why?

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