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The topic of my article critique discussion focuses on comparing the use of competition or cooperation is the means to success within teams.

One article discussed research on human beings’ natural tendency towards competition. Research was conducted utilizing a game and rewards. The participants were given the rules of the game and told they would play the one-minute long game twice and two prizes would be awarded. If participants took a competitive approach it was likely there would be no winner of either game. If participants took a cooperative approach they could work together allowing each participant to each win one game resulting in each participant receiving one prize.

The findings of this research showed that the participants acted in competition rather than cooperation even when cooperation would have yielded mutually beneficial results. Previous studies noted that culture has an effect on the results with individualistic cultures, of which the United States is, tend more toward competitive behavior than do collectivistic cultures.

The relevance of this research to real-world organizational settings is that this allows us to better understand human nature in regards to competition. These findings could benefit organizations in the way they approach team work, with an understanding that we may choose competition even when cooperation will yield better results for all involved.

The other article discussed the idea that human beings are naturally cooperative beings and yet as a society we tend to promote competition within the business world. It looks at whether or not this focus on competition is economically in the best interest of the business and individuals involved.

The author of the article found that humans being are naturally cooperative and that cooperation is needed for success. The author connects this to the business and economic world and points out that businesses would also be more successful if cooperation was highlighted more than competition.

The relevance to real-world organizational settings is that this allows us to better understand human nature in regards to cooperation. These findings could benefit businesses in the way they approach their work by recognizing that cooperation and not competition might better support the bottom line.

My perspective on this research is the value in understanding the benefits of cooperation over competition in a society that values competition. United States is an individualistic culture however if research of this type became more widely known we might better value the importance of striking a balance between our individualistic culture and that cooperation is a sound business practice.

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